Culinary for the Soul

We offer plant-based culinary class under the guidance of our executive chef, Chef Made Runatha.

In this course you will learn about how exciting plant-based cooking can be. We will help to arm you with the tools needed to live and eat a plant-based diet — from basic knife skills, to learning about how to convert or substitute recipes. You will also learn how to begin integrating more plant-based ingredients into your daily life, both inside and outside of your own kitchen.

Below is the run down of the culinary class;

  • Welcome drink

  • Fundamental knowledge and secrets of plant-based cuisine

  • Learn numerous recipes and experience dynamic hands-on preparation, including blending flavours and textures of key seasonal ingredients

  • Creating outstanding food presentations.

  • Recipe and hand-out

  • All the ingredients for the culinary class

  • Lunch

Scheduled every Wednesday and Friday; IDR 1,500,000 per person. For availability contact us at

50% deposit required to reserve your space.

Advanced culinary class available upon request.


Chef Made Runatha

Chef Made Runatha

Chef Made Runatha

With his vast knowledge in both European and Asian cuisine, combined with his years of experience in hotel restaurants in Bali and overseas, Madé found himself facing a brand new challenge: How to make healthy food taste great? 

Madé began researching everything he could from Macrobiotics to Ayurveda, he went on to study at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, USA. Under the tutelage of Master Chef & Founder, Cherie Soria, known as the “Mother of Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine,” he later became the world’s first Indonesian certified Plant-based Cuisine Chef.

Combining his passion for learning with enormous creative talent, Madé has become one of the world’s top chefs dedicated to mastering the endless flavours, textures and techniques of plant-based, raw vegan, “living foods” cuisine, as well as an endless palette of exquisite cooked vegetarian dishes.