Ethnic Music, Movement & Dance

Ethnic Music, Movement & Dance

  Monthly Special Chef's Tasting Menu Dinner

Monthly Special Chef's Tasting Menu Dinner

  Plant-based Culinary class

Plant-based Culinary class

  Community Gathering

Community Gathering

  Martial Art Aikido

Martial Art Aikido

  Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation



Dojo is the place where a martial art is formally taught is called a dojo ( dojang, wat,  kwoon, heya), the term dojo is translated from the Sanskrit bodhi-manda  which is translated as "seat of wisdom". The  word dojo is itself  a Japanese term that literally means " place of the way" or " place of enlightenment".

Moksa Dojo is a space for yoga practice, martial art Aikido, meditation, music, Ikebana flower arrangement, culinary class, kids activity, special events, special dinner and community gathering.  We are planning to have an soft opening with a monthly schedule at the beginning of November 2017.   November schedule coming soon!


Our Faculty

Chef Made Runatha (Culinary Class)

Chef Made Runatha

With his vast knowledge in both European and Asian cuisine, combined with his years of experience in hotel restaurants in Bali and overseas, Madé found himself facing a brand new challenge: How to make healthy food taste great? 

Madé began researching everything he could from Macrobiotics to Ayurveda, he went on to study at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, USA. Under the tutelage of Master Chef & Founder, Cherie Soria, known as the “Mother of Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine,” he later became the world’s first Indonesian certified Plant-based Cuisine Chef.

Combining his passion for learning with enormous creative talent, Madé has become one of the world’s top chefs dedicated to mastering the endless flavors, textures and techniques of plant-based, raw vegan, “living foods” cuisine, as well as an endless palette of exquisite cooked vegetarian dishes.


Kadek Pradnya (Yoga Teacher)


Pradnya began her journey at the age of 6, when she began her life long study of classic Balinese dance. Her passion for dance then expanded to Modern Javanese, Balinese style as well as in to Contemporary Western & Latin dance. This eventually led Pradnya into Yoga & since then she immersed herself into trainings throughout Bali, Malaysia & India. Teaching in Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia & Italy, she is Yoga Alliance 500++ hours certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Arts. Has 100++ certification with Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh India and 30 hours Yin Yoga instructor certification by Denise Payne (One Song Yoga). Learning spiritual healing from her eldest brother, some universal gurus and holds numerous Spa Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Aromatherapy and Dancing certifications.

Since 2012 Pradnya is studying Advance Yoga Asana & Philosophy with Jani Jaatinen a.k.a. Mahayogi Gokulachandra Das.

Pradnya is teaching Gokul Hatha and Gokul Vinyasa (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation) and Yin Yoga. Her experience of teaching include some years at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali; managing for 2 years the Recreation department at Ytl hotels, 8 year as A Resident Yoga Teacher at YTL Hotels Cooperation, Comoshambala Resort Hotels and Nihiwatu. During all of these years of teaching she had the opportunity to deepen her experience as professional yoga teacher & the opportunity to travel all around the world- to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia & Europe.


I Ketut Aryantha (Yoga Teacher)


Ary was born into a Balinese’ healers family, and practiced yoga from a young age with his yogi sister – Pradnya and father. He graduated from the Tourism University, and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the School of Sacred Arts in Ubud in 2012. Since 2013 he is studying Yoga with Jani Jaatinen a.k.a. Mahayogi Gokulacandra Das. Together with Pradnya and Kalina he is cocreating Gokul Yoga Bali school.

Ary teaches Gokul Hatha Yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Meditation) and Gokul Vinyasa Yoga. His experience in teaching include guiding community classes at Yoga Barn, weekly classes at Samadi Bali, private classes for – among others – Bali Vitality, as well as more than one year of managing the Recreation Department, which included teaching yoga, at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali – YTL Hotels Cooperation.

Ary’s traditional approach to yoga makes people understand its roots and value. He encourages people to establish their own practice by giving them appropriate tools, wisdom and skills. His sense of humor makes the experience light. 


Acarya Vibhakarananda Avadhuta "Dada Vibha" (Yoga & Meditation)

Dada Viba

Dada is an enlightened spiritual teacher inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, a Tantric Master, a philosopher, author, social reformer, humanitarian and spiritual leader. The basis of his teaching weaves continuity with the ancient spiritual science of Tantra.

Dada was searching for spiritual answers since childhood, and finally introduced to wholistic practices of yoga pose, meditation and Tantra and Rajadhiraja Yoga in 1993. In 1999, after several years working in the corporate world, Dada’s strong vision for spirituality led him to a major turning point in his life when he decided to leave his job and immerse himself fully in a devoted path of yoga. He went on to pursue training in India as a sannyasin, senior yoga monk. From then, he spent most of his time teaching yoga and meditation in Taiwan and Australia and eventually returned to his native island of Bali, bringing his devotional work home.

Tantra Yoga Meditation

Science of Tantra Yoga views that perennial happiness, or Ananda (bliss) is achieved by illuminating the spirit with the radiance of Divine Love within, which also permeated the whole creation, reconnecting the mind with that Supreme Spirit, the source of absolute peace. Tantra means, “science of self-transformation to expand the mind and liberate it from bondage of ignorance”. This wholistic practice was originated in India and perfected 7000 years ago by one of the greatest spiritual giant ever lived on this earth, Shiva, the embodiment of peace.

In this Tantra Yoga Meditation session, Dada will unveil powerful, practical teachings based on the ancient practice of Tantra, one’s expansive journey into perennial happiness. Tantra yoga meditation will create harmony as well as strength that invigorate the mind and soul with compassionate love and devotion. At the same time the power of concentration and the ability to control the thoughts and emotions will be awakened. He will also share practical insights for creating peace and harmony in our daily lives, leading a gentle transformation within and around us.


Made Wira Arimbawa (yoga teacher)


Begin to teach yoga after finished the international certification from lotus in the flame, school of yoga and healing arts on october, 2006. I teach vinyasa yoga at The Royal Pitamaha Resort and Spa from october, 2006 until march , 2017. Continue at Wapa Di Uma Resort and Spa from april, 2017 until present. I am practice to learn and learn to teach and teach to share. Yoga is the healing journey to the inner self rather than only the asanas, also yoga mean the unite of body, mind, and breath.

In my class i will guide you how to synchronizing your breath, asana and mind, so you can feel full awake always. Fell the energy of breath to the every asanas you do.  My class is fun yet challenging, energizing your body, after my class you will feel more light, fresh and feel recharge    with the fresh energy so you will be ready to do your next activities.  So can be say "yoga is wisdom work or skillful living amongst activities, harmony and moderation.  Come and experience the healing power of yoga,  This power aroused by means of various practices then clear the paths and centre of energy in the body


I Made Janur Yasa (Somatic Therapy)


Janur has been practicing Aikido since 2003, when he began training at North Shore Tahoe Dojo in Lake Tahoe California. In 2005 he moved to Taos New Mexico and intensively training at Taos Kihon Dojo. He also trained in various Dojo during extensive travel in USA and Asia. Janur combines his background as certified Somatic Coach by Strozzi Institute California with his Aikido training.  He considers Aikido as a spiritual path, and as a metaphor for daily life.

Somatic Therapy

The term Somatic derives from the ancient Greek means the living body in its wholeness. In Somatic Therapy we deepen our whole body awareness through dialogue, movements, and practices. This enables us shift old patterns that no longer serve us well and make choices towards the life we want to live. Understanding the body, mind, emotions and spirit as an integrated whole, or soma, is essential for our health and having a sense of meaning in our life. We teach clients the language of sensations, where they can more easily find presence, calling and change conditioning that is no longer useful.


Robinsar Sibarani Sensei 4th dan (Aikido)


Aikido has been translated as The Way of unifying with life energy, The Art of peace, The Way of centering or Moving Zen. It is a martial art that is performed by blending into the motion of the opponent and redirecting the force of the attack. It is also one particular “Path of Truth” in the Buddhist sense. It is a warrior’s path, yet one which leads us to love our opponent, meeting hostility with peaceful reconciliation and bringing harmony into a hostile situation. Aikido strengthens inner power and deepens your connection with others.


Hillary Kane (yoga Teacher)

Hillary Ellen Kane

For Hillary Kane, travel and work have led her to claim residence in several continents and innumerable countries. Inevitably, the artistic culture of each continues to be a vital source of inspiration. Educated in the United States and France, she now resides in Bali, Indonesia. She focuses her creativity in both clay and paint, enjoying the dynamic of two very different media and their possible confluence.  Wood-fire ceramics in particular, has led her to an international symposium in La Borne, France, a residency in Aomori, Japan, and a conference in Tasmania, Australia, as well as to pioneer