Menu All Day Dining

Moksa exudes the elegance of earth-inspired décor and architecture, blends seamlessly with thoughtfully selected ceramic dishware and the tantalizing menus that will surely satisfy your curious taste buds.

Our philosophy has always been to source the freshest and the healthiest ingredients, presenting it in a most exquisite way while giving options of both vegan and vegetarian menus for plant-based food enthusiasts.

Chef Made brings a vast range of unique and flavorsome dishes to the table, showcasing the finest creations made of local produce such as jackfruit, sweet potato, soursop, cacao, plant-based cheese, coconut, mushrooms and so much more.

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Super Smoothie BowlIDR65K
Super food green smoothie, with chia seeds, coconut yogurt, seeds, goji berry, and seasonal tropical fresh fruits
Smoke Salmon BenedictIDR65K
Living bread, papaya salmon, swirled spinach, avocado, caramelized onion, spring salad and coconut hollandaise
Avocado OmeletIDR65K
A magic plant-based egg-free omelet with avocado and baked sweet potatoes
Breakfast BowlIDR65K
Onion sautéed sweet potatoes, egg-free kale scramble, avocado, organic spring mix, and nut Parmesan cheese


Lunch & Diner

Coconut Mushrooms SoupIDR60K
Trio mushrooms, galangal, kaffir lime leaf tomatoes in rich lemongrass-coconut broth
Cheese TrioIDR75K
Chef`s selection of vegan cheeses, living crackers, grape fruit and baby tomatoes, Please ask your server for daily chesses
Jack Fruit TacosIDR68K
Raw corn taco shells filled with Mexican young jackfruit, tomato salsa, avocado, coconut sour cream
Not Fish CakeIDR65K
Baked vegan fish cake, made with local produce, red curry paste, green bean, served with spiced Asian salad, pickled onion and spiced cashew
Thai Beet SaladIDR65K
Rocket and fresh herbs tossed with tomato, cucumber, and smoky red beetroots in a marvelous homemade Thai dressing, sprinkle with spiced cashew
Moksa DhalIDR65K
Vegan lentil soup flavored with curry leafs and cumin with coconut sour cream
Kale CaesarIDR65K
Crisps kale and iceberg, tossed with sun-dried tomatoes and vegan Caesar dressing, sprinkle with spiced pumpkin seeds, nori, tempeh bacon and nut parmesan cheese.
Jumbo Grilled SaladIDR80K
Organic greens tossed with grilled zucchini, eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, apple, sweet potatoes, capsicum, tempeh bacon, living crackers, and vegan mozzarella cheese dressed with aged balsamic reduction.
Sushi MakiIDR60K
Nori weed rolls filled with jicama rice; smoke papaya salmon, avocado, carrots, cucumber, mango and fresh coriander with sesame –coconut aminos dipping sauce
Asian Notsquid SaladIDR70K
A light salad made from crisp cocosquid, tossed with spring salad, baby tomatoes, pickled ginger, and garlic, fresh cilantro, mints leaves and basil drizzle with Asian vinaigrette and spices seeds
Curry for LifeIDR60K
Creamy curried green zucchini and leafy green soup flavored with turmeric, curry powder and kaffir lime leaf, topped with diced avocado and coconut sour cream.

Main Affairs

Lunch & Diner

Moksa SamplerIDR85K
Chef`s selection of; mini lasagna, Asian spring pasta, mini pizza, gado-gado, organic spring mix, and accompany with soup of your choice
Sushi BowlIDR75K
Fresh carrots, daikon, red bell pepper, beetroots, radish, cucumber and avocado, served with sushi black rice, seared tofu, edamame, pickled ginger, nori, tamari-sesame sauce
Avocado-Kimchi QuesadillaIDR75K
Pumpkin tortilla filled with kimchi, avocado, wilt baby spinach, vegan cashew nut mozzarella cheese, served with sweet chili sauce
Living Lasagna LoveIDR78K
Cashew nut cheese, spinach, vegan bolognaise, and basil pesto, layered on pumpkin dough served on a bed of herbs cream sauce
Asam Laksa NoodleIDR78K
Rice noodle and corn vermicelli serve in a rich laksa broth with barbecued seitan, tofu, leafy green, sprout, green bean, scallions, and fried shallots
Plant Based BurgerIDR75K
Lentil and jackfruit patty served on black charcoal bun with all the trimmings, vegan mozzarella cheese and fries
Ubud SouvlakiIDR75K
A sweet potato flat bread-filled with beet humus, Greeks salad, sate kebab, coconut tzatziki with sweet potato fries
Soyfish N` ChipsIDR70K
Fishy taste, crisp-fried soynori, with potato fries, accompany with vegan tartar and sweet chili sauce
Nasi Goreng SubakIDR80K
Marvelous Indonesian curried fried rice served on a magic plant based fuyung hai omelet
Masala Pumpkin UttapamIDR85K
Raw pumpkin pancake rolls filled with sundried tomato pesto, avocado, heirloom tomato, caramelized onion with ginger – tamari sauce, coconut moss and mango creole
Caprese RavioloIDR75K
Basil pesto, cashew nut cheese, sun-dried tomatoes filled in pumpkin dough, dressed with tomato coulis, coconut sour cream, spring mix and nut Parmesan cheese.
Buddha DelightIDR75K
Marvelous healing meal with quinoa, kale, sesame broccoli, avocado, chiffonade purple cabbage, baby tomato, sesame cucumber and red beet humus.
Chef`s BowlIDR78K
Marvelous combination of green curry rice, sweet eggplant, kimchi, braised greens, sautéed mixed mushrooms, jackicken, char Siu tofu, and tomato dabu-dabu, topped with mixed greens.
Incredible Curry TofuIDR78K
Green curry tofu with garden vegetables, Thai basil and cilantro with brown rice
Tempeh RibsIDR75K
Grilled soy tempeh marinated with homemade barbeque sauce, accompany with mashed sweet potatoes, mixed greens and grilled tomato.
Mongolian JerkyIDR80K
Exotic Meaty jaca fruit marinated in a Chef way with homemade Mongolian barbecue sauce, serve in a circle of mashed sweet potato and braised green
Eggplant RendangIDR75K
Baked purple eggplant in a spicy coconut gravy, served with turmeric rice, braised greens and living kimchi.
Hot & Sour ColamaryIDR80K
A wonder full creativity of chef made, balance, healthy and delicious, crisp-fried coconut calamari tossed in homemade hot sour sauce, mashed sweet potatoes/ organic brown rice
Baked Jack BreastIDR80K
Pan-fried Jackfruit breast marinated on chef’s secret then oven baked, served on cilantro wine cream sauce with mashed sweet potatoes, garlic wilted greens, and sautéed mushrooms
Cauliflower PizzaIDR80K
Vegan and gluten-free flat-bread top with barbeque cauliflower, avocado, basil pesto and candled nut mozzarella cheese.
Living PizzaIDR70K
Sweet potato-coconut pizza crust topped with basil-candle nut pesto, swirled kale, pineapple, white button mushrooms, red paprika, tomato confit with melted zucchini mozzarella cheese.
Aubergine MozzarellaIDR75K
Baked mushrooms stuffed eggplant with melted nut-free mozzarella cheese and cumin seeds served on cilantro-turmeric rice and spring salad.
Balinese RijsttafelIDR90K
Exotic simply a variety of colamary fritter, roasted jackchicken betutu, tempeh sambal matah, vegan garlic-chili shrimps, daily vegan Balinese lawar, fragran turmeric rice, and ask your server for daily soup.
Fusilli RendangIDR80K
Gluten-free and vegan fusilli pasta tossed with carrots, zucchini, basil in a creamy rendang sauce, topped with unique crispy oyster mushrooms and grilled tomato

Side Order

Living Vegan Sweets

Daily Living Cake/Pie/Fruit TartsIDR65K
Please ask your server for the chef`s daily cake
Sweet SymphonyIDR75K
Tree kinds selection of raw cakes/ pies/ fruit tart with vegan nice cream for your health perfection
White Chocolate Panna CottaIDR60K
Raw coconut white chocolate, set on star fruit Carpaccio with strawberry coulis and passion fruit sauce
Passion Fruit-Cheese ParfaitIDR65K
Perfect combination of passion fruit and creamy fermented cashew cheese, layered with fresh strawberry, and passion fruit sauce
Black jack PuddingIDR55K
Balinese black rice pudding flavored with cinnamon and pandanus leaf with ripe jackfruit coconut sauce and coconut vanilla nice cream
Daily Homemade Nice CreamIDR55K
Please ask your server for to day nice cream (sugar and dairy-free)
Soursop BisqueIDR65K
Soursop pudding, mango gel, seasonal tropical fresh fruits and coconut flakes
Super Chia FrutyIDR65K
Chia pudding, sour sop curd, seasonal tropical fruits, strawberry coulis, and coconut flakes
Caramelized Banana CrepesIDR65K
Banana crepes filled with seasonal tropical fruit in, served with ice cream your choice.
Banana Split SundaeIDR75K
Banana, vegan chocolate, strawberry and coconut vanilla nice cream sprinkle with spiced cashew nut
Nice Cream Crepe RollIDR65K
Black charcoal & coconut vanilla nice cream, filled on chocolate crepe served with tropical fruits salad

Healthy Drink

Seasonal Tropical juiceIDR55K
Super GreensIDR55K
Leafy green, ginger, celery, parsley, cucumber
Tropical FizzIDR55K
Strawberry, pineapple, green apple, lime and sparkling
Ginger TonicIDR50K
Lemongrass, ginger, lime, palm syrup, sparkling water
Turmeric TonicIDR50K
Fresh turmeric, lime juice, ginger, black pepper, natural sweetener, sparkling water
Super Immunity BoosterIDR55K
Orange, pineapple, mango, fresh ginger, lemon juice, raw honey, and fresh mints leaf
Ginger MimosaIDR55K
Orange, ginger syrup and sparkling
Antioxidant Super FoodIDR55K
Balinese Natural cacao powder, orange juice and zest, berries, fresh ginger, garnished with dry coconut, cacao nibs and goji berry
Whole Young CoconutIDR25K
Young Coconut Water by GlassIDR15K
Tropical SlushiesIDR55K
Young coconut flash, fresh pineapple, Kampuchea, lemon and sweeten with purple flower syrup
Pleasant DigestionIDR55K
Carrots, papaya, cabbage, celery, ginger and lemon
Wellness ShooterIDR25K
Fresh ginger, pineapple and lime juice to boost immunity system
Energy ShooterIDR25K
Ginger, green apple, celery and cayenne pepper for metabolic bomb
Gut ShotsIDR25K
Pineapple, fresh turmeric, ginger, coconut kefir, loaded of good bacteria

Herbal Teas


All prices are subject to 10% government tax and 5% service charge